Zaynab Chinoy?

Female Muslim.


Spent half my life in Saudi Arabia.

Read law. Love it.


Solitary mind.

24 thoughts on “Zaynab Chinoy?

  1. Assalamualaikum, do you remember me ???? well it’s bareed one of the participant at monarc luxor… what is the site all about???

  2. assalamualaikom… name is luqman hakim.. i am very fascinated with the recent article: How Iā€™m Trying to Raise 8 Intelligent, God-Conscious Children

    i would like to know how to contact to ”the mother” in the article.
    Quite a few activity that i attend is involving kids. I really want to improve the my skill handling the kids.
    jazakillah khair

    1. Walaykumsalam Luqman, glad you liked the article. Sharifah Mastura (the mother) had provided a contact address in one of her comments on the article. If you scroll through the comments you’ll find it iA.

  3. Asslamualikum wr wb ukhti Zaynab !!!
    How I can contacy you???
    Ma sha Allah I visited your blog and I read an article about 10habits of happy matriage life its really an.amazing and wonderful articlsle.

    Kindly can I Have your FB account?

  4. Asslamualikum,

    I twice read the story of your evolution…. It presents a deep intellect, the Almight Allah bestowed with…. wonderful and true description of your innermost but rich feelings… I love it all and don’t know how long I would keep on reading it. I appreciate the people how are rich in such a taste and sublime writings that penetrate directly in the innermost of the weaker souls like mine.

    Muhammad Jamil Khan

  5. Assalamualaikum.
    Read your article in and loved it.
    Although the fact couldn’t be argued that I am here more for the reason that I found you are studying in IIUM (the place I am drooling over :p) and may have lived in Malaysia. Kind of my country šŸ™‚
    Glad to find a blogger whom I actually can relate to.

  6. Assalamu alaikum wrb,

    This is Alvia here from India..

    Followed u up from Productive Muslim Videos..Ma sha Allah great job…Barakallahu feeki šŸ™‚

    Basically I and team of sisters are running a Islamic whatsapp group for kids..

    Alhamdulillah around 700+ kids are into it…

    In sha Allah

    If you hav any little time to help us with our Project for the sake of Allah, it would be real great…

    Please mail me to if you are interested bi idhnillah šŸ™‚

    Yeah our Group name is Little Sahabas āœØ

  7. Assalamalaikum zaynab. I was your junior in iisr . I saw your name at the bottom of the article and was wondering if you are really that zaynab. I used to admire you at school šŸ˜„šŸ˜„. I just want to compliment you for your latest article on people about to get married. You have just exposed the most detailed, intricate feelings and behavior perfectly. And how our desi upbringing can change our mindset. I can relate to everything what you have mentioned here. And trust me noone has raised these issue like you have done in this article. .
    Hope your marriage becomes better and better every day. ā˜ŗ

  8. Asalamu alaikum. For such a long time I have wanted to start a blog, in fact I did once and it collapsed! Any tips on how to keep one going, how often I should enter a new blog? Like you I love to write and express myself best through written words. You have a beautiful talent. Allahouma baarik. May Allah preserve and put barakah on your talent ameen

    1. Walaykumsalam Nima and thank you for your kind words. haha I took so long to reply to your comment because I am equally irregular in maintaining my blog! Let me know if you find some good tips:)
      I’m not particular about posting regularly because I only post when I’ve had the time to reflect on something and write about it as I experience it. I think that’s when you are in a position to formulate and convey your thoughts best. Hope this helps!

  9. Assalamalaikkum…I first came across your blog entry the decreasingly human was a piece which struck a chord somewhere because you beautifully expressed what a lot of us feel on a daily basis but are unable to express it..and then your recent two entries again has left such a deep impression that I’ve read it several times because you write with honesty and I’m in awe that you speak about topics which are very close to my heart….it’s as if my inner voice is talking and at the same time I’m learning from you..I look forward to reading more of your work ….I’m a senior of yours from school..I wished I knew you back then…

    1. Walaykumsalam Bazidha, so nice to hear from you, I remember your distinctly beautiful face very well mashaAllah. Very happy to know you’ve enjoyed the articles šŸ™‚

  10. Assalamualaikum dear sister,
    The way you write things feeels the same as u said you come alive at the tipof pen, jazakallahumukhairan for these beautiful lively articles,looking forward to more may allah bless you with more love and let it spread around aaameen

  11. Assalamu’Alaykum,

    If you would be interested in some script writing for animation work done like

    Thank you

  12. Salaam Zayn aapi.
    I am a 22 year old medical student from Karachi, Pakistan.
    I just tumbled upon your blog yesterday and I HAVE LEGIT FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORDS, HENCE, YOU.
    Your words resonate so much with my own thoughts and you write EVER SO BEAUTIFULLY MASHALLAH. I CAN’T.
    May Allah pak bless you and your loved ones with the best in this dunyah and the next. And may I get to meet your awesome self one day, inshaAllah, ameen.
    Lots of love. šŸ’•šŸ’—

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