If I Could Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t be risk averse. I would take trains to nowhere when I could. I would fail Criminal law to study it again. I would never study a word of civil procedure and would have just copied to pass the exam. I would have done everything I had to to get into Harvard Law School. I would listen to no one but myself when I considered the possibility of living my dreams. I would have cycled all over campus with an imaginary boyfriend every morning. I would have written down more of my once brilliant thoughts. I would have loved and attended to my parents much more. I would eat more street food, wear bangles, go on fast bikes with my best friends. I would dance in the rain whenever it rained. I would never have underestimated the value of a third party’s opinion. I would have hugged my mom every day and night. I would break every religiously inconsequential rule. I would have compiled an unmatchable collection of campus flora. I would have tried to learn in a much easier way that humble, accomplished, polished people and arrogant simple people exist. I would never have taken an envious person’s advice. I would have a larger collection of make-up than just kohl, mascara and gloss. I would have worn colored abayas. I would have somehow tried to minor in physics. I would have asked Dr. Tareq for illustrations of how and why “to protect and not give your mind to anyone, because it is the only valuable thing that is ours”. I would have bought a favorite perfume every now and then. I would have believed that lineage IS important sometimes. I would have learnt the difference between humility and undervaluing oneself. I would have believed in a lot of elders’ wisdom. I would have kept quiet on many occasions and snapped back on many more. I would force myself to love technology. I would have snatched those kites and flown them instead of just watching all the time. I would have eaten more fruits instead of chocolates. I would have listened to my intuition and stayed when the doctor said we could have dinner and come back because mom still had a long time to deliver. I would not have apologized for alot of things and would have for many others. I wouldn’t have been afraid of anything worldly except the dark. I would have read ALOT, LOT more. I would never have eaten campus food. I would have travelled alot more when I could. I would have enrolled in the Moots Club from my first year and never listened to my dad. I would have drank more milk. I would have eaten salad everyday. I would have woken up early every day. I would have worked at a news station. I would have audited a course in Economics for a very unacademic reason. I would never have apologized for who I was. I would have opened a competing cafe near the library and caused Nescafe to shut down forever. I would have overspent. I would have worn heels every now and then. I would have insulted more guys in the bus who sat while girls stood. I would have made better use of my holidays. I would have taken up my first job at 16. I would have frozen time at the 19th year of my life. I wouldn’t have taken off my braces before I should have. I would have exercised everyday. I would’ve breathed deeper. I would have played with my neices more. I would have watched the world from my beautiful one and smiled.

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