20th November, 1982.

Today was one of those amazing, indescribable days in history when a couple had their very first baby, a BEAUTIFUL glowing baby girl: everyone spoke of her slenderness and her gorgeous skin and petal-like lips.

It was the day when future siblings had received the most awesome eldest sister: unparalleled in her strength of mind, her responsible nature, her protectiveness of her siblings and her love for them- she was their wondergirl: she baked with them, swam with them, taught them about everything under the sun from making sand castles to email and the internet, captivated them with her animated stories and awareness of everything, counselled them, consoled them, listened intently to them, hugged them, taught them MATH in a way no one else could, protected them against the world, stood by them like always till and beyond their wedding day.

The day when one man had the most incredible woman come into the world to become his wife: she stood  apart from every woman in her beauty, her intelligence, her strength and her inexhaustible enthusiasm and love to  help, cheer up and comfort those around her. She was contagiously happy, she chose to look happy even in trying times.

The day when a model student and leader stepped into this world: brilliant in her ideas, excellent in her every project, always either the top or among the top of her class, exceptional in her wit and intelligence, an award-winner throughout her academic life, a revolutionary house captain that made her team a winner in her 1-year tenure despite their previous 10 years of consistent failure.

Exemplary and truly one of a kind in her eloquence and expression, today was the day when one of the best teachers and debate trainers was born. She changed minds and personalities through her talent and thoughts: numerous lives would testify to this.

Today, a friend like no other came to us, to be sought and admired: for her enlivening company, her patient ears, her logical and comforting advice and most of all, her trustworthiness and encouraging words.

But more than anything, today was the day when a mother was born. This, I cannot describe. Language and talent fails me in the description of this heavenly creature- whoever takes her form. Today, a mother who risked her own life to bring new life into this world was born. She chose to do this not once, but twice. Risking her own life was not the end of it all: sacrificing her every second, which is in essence her life, to beautifully rear and nourish her greatest gifts to our world was her next choice, which she chose instantly, fearlessly, individually- against every demand of society and norms and even her own self on her. As working women slept, she paced the room with her crying infant till the morning, as they worked on computers, her work was a living being: with its own mind, its own emotions, its own will, its own tastes and its own waste. They came back home after 5pm and weekends were parties and shopping- her workplace was her home, with no such thing as office hours, off-days or sick leave or vacation nor overtime – nor pay. No employee-of-the-month, no appreciation week, no best employee award, no bonuses, no promotions – despite the work steadily increasing. On-call, 24 hours, any hour of the day, irrespective of the situation: weddings, parties, classes, alone time, friends over, time with husband – nothing matters- she has to pull herself out of anything if her child needs her, to press replay on youtube or remove the peas from the rice or change her diaper or wipe her tears because of an imaginary injury by her cousin. This, I believe, is no ordinary creation. I do not say human being because it cannot be a human being. It is a creation in itself.

Today was the day Sarah Chinoy was born. All praise and thanks are for Allah alone.

7 thoughts on “20th November, 1982.

  1. so well written… it is indeed a priceless feeling to have a sister who can write like this for a woman who truly deserves it …. subhanALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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