Irrevocablility torments
The mind struggles and the heart laments
Sight blurs, pretence fragments. 

In wakefulness, subconscience gnaws
In deep slumber, denial dissolves. 

Acquiescence, shrewdest of realms
Punishes with shadows in dreams
Unforgiving pricks of could’ve been.
Destiny, is still and always half-revealed
A lifelong irony that wounds and heals.

4 thoughts on “Acquiescence

  1. This is amazing!

    Your first stanza really paints a strong picture of a moment that happened that you can’t undo. Irrevocable. And it torments you to know that you might have made the wrong choice. The mind struggles and the heart laments

    But was it the wrong choice? In the 2nd stanza, as you fall asleep, you stop lying to yourself as “denial dissolves”.

    The way you finish had me thinking deep. It’s true that because destiny is unknown, “half-revealed”, it can both torture with what might have been as well as allow you to have hope that things can change.

    Overall, I love your poetry. Concise and powerful, just what poetry should be.

    P.S. Typo: First line, “irrevocability” has an extra L in there.

    1. Thanks alot Lutfi, glad you liked it. The second stanza is more about how denial of what could have been dissolves, allowing you to live the other choice in your dreams.

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