A prevalent modern disease bordering on insanity; generally erupts during mid-March and mid-October in UIA and vulnerable groups include young adults ranging from students of engineering to students of Celpad. It’s most likely causes have been discovered to be overdoses of procrastination, daily sleep extensions in morning classes, abnormal number of visits to KLCC, excessive dependence on seniors’ unopened notes and sudden realization that one is a student.

Symptoms of exam attacks are hard to miss: victims appear to be continuously tensed, complaining of headaches and hair loss, desperately searching for lecturers’ rooms and going in and out of the library just to feel better. Extreme cases may also show occasional bursts of mad laughter due to feelings of helplessness. Dressing sense also tends to drop on a mass level. The positive effects however include major economic benefits for the café near the library and other producers of caffeinated drinks.

Places to avoid during this period would definitely include the library where large concentrations of infected people can be found discussing their stress.
Cures for this disease are handed out by lecturers every semester but are unfortunately missed by the usual victims due to any of the previously mentioned causes.
In an attempt to minimize the effects of this self-inflicted trauma, we would like to propose a few solutions:

List all the topics that you want to study and put a check box next to each of them, allocating sufficient time to each topic depending on their length and importance. Ticking the check box after completing a topic is guaranteed to give you immense mental satisfaction (Yes, the same mental satisfaction that we want but never get by sitting for hours in the library and staring at our books).

Praying Fajr in the silence of dawn increases the mind’s concentration power and prepares it for intensive activity during the day. Reading the Qur’an at Fajr greatly strengthens memory power and has been the practice of many great Muslim scholars.

Call your parents and ask them to pray for your success. A parent’s prayer for his or her child is very special to Allah. Don’t forget to ask for your lecturers’ and friends’ prayers as well. Try it and see how much it matters.

While you break between your study, read a page of the Qur’an. Apart from sharpening your memory, it calms you and increases your grades in the Hereafter.
“…for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.” (13:28)

Remember that you’re here to educate yourself and increase your value as a person, not to test the extent to which your brain can be jammed with information and how accurately it can be thrown out onto your paper. After all, “Education is what is left when what has been learnt is forgotten.”

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